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The Services we Render

Mobile App Development from Adjoy Web Solutions is aimed at providing mobile apps which can increase your company’s income, develop and help promote your company’s products. What makes us different from any other company is our priority and commitment. Our purpose is always placed as our number one priority. We give our best in helping you designing and making your own mobile apps that will give you maximum satisfaction and peace of mind. We also only commit to serve our customers with excellent products and services. It is because we see our customers as our precious guests who must be treated as king.

Our apps are available for Android, Apple, and Microsoft. Several cross platform technologies will also be featured there. Thus, apps from our company can be accessed easily. You do not need to worry about the prices since our company offers you best apps that are worth every penny. We allow you to make your own designs that meet your needs and expectations.

Do not hesitate to show us your imagination and creativity in designing your own apps. We will listen to your requests and make sure we create every single detail of your briefs correctly. We certainly will work hard to make our customers’ dreams come true.

Need a tested & trusted web developer to help you create your own website? All you have to do is make Adjoy Web Solutions your choice. We are highly experienced in the industry having combined years as graphic and freelance web designers for years, our company has been known for its performance in creating great websites among for customers. Our team is professional in Website Development and surely will do many great work for you. We will help you get precisely what you desire in a website.

Many people assume that websites’ appearance will be number one reason to draw many visitors online. Well, seems like we have different perspective about that. Websites from Adjoy Web Solutions not only will provide you with attractive web designs but also with an amazing performance. The websites will work optimally and offer simplicity to the users. Your website also will be connected to several web search engines including Google and Bing.

This can help your business increase visitors and eventually lead to more sales. All websites from Adjoy Web Solutions are built to be compatible with any browser. In addition, as our client you are free to ask our team anything that you'll want to add or change onto your website without any extra cost on you. Our prices are affordable.

  • All our websites are Mobile Responsive,
  • Your website will be Submitted to Google, Bing and Yahoo. (Free)
  • One year of free Hosting,
  • Completely Unique,
  • We deliver on time,
  • Full Browsers compatibility.

With the development of modern technology nowadays, many people tend to start and do their business via online. Online business became very popular since it is simpler than the conventional one. Besides, buying and selling via online allow people to have a wide variety of choices of goods that may not be found in certain areas. If you are searching for company to help you in eCommerce look no further, Adjoy Web Solutions is the best answer to your search.

We undoubtedly are expert in eCommerce. We have years of experience and have helped many people in Nigeria in online business. Our team will help you create your own eCommerce shops that meet your requirements. Our clients can ask anything about their websites including the design, the functions, the menu, etc. We will help you create online shops that is not only appealing but also can be accessed easily everywhere and every time. Adjoy Web Solutions will offer free* training for all our clients so that you can learn to upgrade your website with the latest products. Online shop websites from our company will also be connected to some well-known social networking sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. This allows the visitors/users to share your products through those sites. Thus, your products will be more more exposed and popular.

In this modern era, business can be developed easier and faster than before. People can do and run their businesses through the internet. By using the internet, businesses even can share their brand or products by using social networking sites. They can get many advantages from it because famous social sites have millions users all around the world. Social media is easy to use. You only need to “click” certain buttons and your messages will be sent to whoever you want. Besides, you only need less than one minute to send or share your message via social media.

The social media users usually go online everyday and almost every time so it is a great opportunity for you to make your business more popular. However, many businesses still face difficulties in doing that. If you are looking for a help in developing your business with social media, you simply just can consult it to Adjoy Web Solutions Company.

Adjoy Web Solutions will certainly help you in utilizing popular social networking sites to share and spread brands or products from your company. These social sites work as marketing tools, social sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest etc will be good sites to share and promote your business so that your company will be more known to the public.

Internet Marketing is a method which is aimed at advertising and promoting certain company's products, or services through the World Wide Web. Internet Market can be classified into several types including Websites Marketing, email Marketing and Social Media Marketing. All types of Internet Marketing are faster and more efficient than the traditional Marketing in that they only take a short period of your time with just simple requirements. Besides, by using Internet Marketing you do not need to spend too much money to promote your company’s products or services. That is why many businesses nowadays choose Internet Marketing as a way to reach its customers and their company goals.

Adjoy Web Solutions sees Internet marketing as a way to convey message from our customers’ company to the world. They may talk about the company itself, their services, products, research about customers’ needs and wants, their targets, etc. We will help you promote and share your company’s services and products by using the power of Internet Marketing. There are some types of internet marketing that are offered by our company. It can be from email, online advertisements, websites, etc. You are always free to decide. We try to use Internet marketing as smart strategy that can save you time and money in order to achieve your company’s goals.

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Everyone who run their business via online usually choose websites as media to promote and share their brands or products. However, having your own websites does not always mean that your visitors and sales will increase quickly. You need help from the experts in this field to make your websites prominent among all customers.

Adjoy Web Solutions will help you in promoting your websites and products faster than before. Our company has experienced in this field for years and have been helping thousands of business customers ever since. We use special technique to make your current website easier to be found and rank higher on search engine sites like Google and Bing. Besides, we also have in-house SEO guru who will help you develop the latest technique that will make your site search engine friendlier than it used to be this way, your business can run better via online. Your visitors and income certainly will also improve.

Our company also can add “pay per click” advertisements on your websites. You can track your websites visitors in order to make a new strategic plan for your products’ marketing. In addition, there are other features that are offered by our company to you including:

  • Google Analytics,
  • Webmaster Tools,
  • Article Writing,
  • Blog Writing,
  • Back Linking,
  • Increase Visitors and Sales
  • Track your visitors

Video Marketing

Recently, video marketing has become a new trend among businesses. This strategy is seen as a brilliant and innovative thing to draw more customers even in relatively short time. It can be seen from the number of video advertisements that are found on the internet. Through videos, consumers can see a short summary about the company’s profile and also the products or services that are offered. Videos allow the audience not only to see pictures and text but also hear audios. It certainly will be more interesting than the previous traditional presentation. Thus, the customers will pay more attention and even love your company or your products more than you ever imagine.

If you want to use this strategy as your method to increase customers and sales, Adjoy Web Solutions will be there for you. Our company provides high quality videos not only in terms of the appearance but also the content. Good video marketing has unique and clear story that can be easily understood by the audience. Thus, our company will make sure the videos contain the aims of the products or services so that the consumers can get the points. Besides, we can also help you set the videos as advertisements in various websites.

Graphic Design

From many marketing strategies that has usually been used by businesses around the world, one of the most popular is Graphic Design. This method is about art and visualization that present the ideas and content of the products and services that are offered by the company. Graphic Design is not only in the form of pictures or images. It can also be words or graphic forms. So many individuals and companies nowadays also use motion graphics which require certain fixed time span. A balance combination of words and images usually will make the design more appealing. Graphic Design can be applied in various types of media, such as websites, advertisements, brochures, etc.

Adjoy Web Solutions has years of experience in helping businesses making their bespoke design. Our team usually will have a discussion with the customers in order to get what they need and want. Our team also suggests some new ideas that can help you develop your concept. Those ideas and concepts will then be changed into a design that suits your business well. If there are some things that the customers think need to be changed, we allow them to make revisions. In addition, our company also will provide the customers with the following:

  • Business Card Design,
  • Letterhead Design,
  • Brochure,
  • Compliment Slip Design,
  • Book Design,
  • Flyers,
  • Posters etc.